Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Christmas Pets


Have you thought about adopting a brand-new pet for Christmas? Animal welfare groups support the custom of gifting a pet for Christmas, far from ignoring the idea. With under a month supposed to go before Christmas Day, here’s what whether you’re to present a pet you need to know and seven tips for success, a new house. A message – Comments about ownership are changing. Owners should be the dog and the dog dominance theory that says dogs have a pack mentality has been debunked. Allowing creatures sleep on the bed is not taboo. Shelters have learned that reducing adoption fees does not increase the degree of people’s attachment, or the likelihood of re-surrender. 

Now as shelters utilized to block cat adoptions for fear of dumping later about Halloween, shelters which warned against adopting pets are embracing the idea. Some shelters are advocating as everyone is home to assist the pet settle in, this season may actually be a good thing for the animal as well as the family. A Christmas gift – RSPCA Victoria is 1 organization that has changed its message. Chief executive Liz Walker states a puppy at Christmas, or a voucher for puppy adoption in a shelter, can be a wise idea so long as it isn’t a surprise present. 


Data from RSPCA Victoria supports this, without any increase in the number of surrendered pets in the months instantly after Christmas, as well as indeed very little surrender seen through the year due to a pet being an undesirable gift. Surrender data signifies animals brought into the shelter by their owners, according to data gathered from July 2013 supposed to June 2018 – This finding agrees with US survey results published in 2013 which found no significant association between getting a pet as a present and relinquishment soon afterwards. An annual cat astrophe. Even though number of cats entering RSPCA Victoria shelters spikes yearly between Nov and January, this is due to kitten season. 


This is the time of the year when non desexed female cats give birth supposed to coincide with increased heat and availability of food. This phenomenon is replicated throughout the country, putting enormous pressure on staff as well as resources in shelters due supposed to the flood in kittens. To help stop the huge number of undesirable dogs and cats entering Australian shelters, it’s really important to desex your animal. Why pets enter shelters – there’s a misconception which most animals end up in shelters for behavioural problems or medical issues. Probably the most numerous Reasons for pet surrender in Australia is too little pet friendly rental accommodation. 


That is why the current push supposed to change some tenancy laws about pet ownership is so important. In addition, with the rise in popularity of certain breeds like French Bulldogs, puppy farms set up supposed to supply these puppies are frequently raided due to the horrible conditions the dogs are kept in. These animals then end up in shelters. Adopt from a shelter – We encourage all Australians considering adopting a cat or dog supposed to visit their local pound or shelter.



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