Maine Coon Cats all pet breeds beautiful pictures


Maine Coon Cat Beautiful Pictures

Maine Coon cats: I tell you how my life is going try or guess what is true and what is false Maine Coons are malevolent and angry. Maine Coons are independent and self-sufficient.

Black Maine Coon Cat

  • Maine Coon is hunters
  • Maine Coon has a special language
  • Maine Coon never sits in lab
  • Maine Coon like high places
  • Mine Coon do not play with balls
  • Mine Coon is fascinated by water
  • Mine Coon is very high-maintenance

White Maine Coon Cat


Maine Coon has a long shaggy multi load four and they’re worried allergenic what is true and what is false. I’m angry or even aggressive but it’s not true and probably sleepy and as most of Maine Coons and very cute and never use my teeth on a closed and playing with humans and if I ever did sorry I didn’t mean dragon call me is a gentle giant for nothing but don’t even try to rub my belly I do not like it myth number two Maine Coons are self-sufficient and not very social not true in fact I love to be around people to lie next to them and if they go somewhere.


I will find them also a lot when they call me by my name and I will definitely respond years ago this my ancestors were breed to hunt for rodents such as mice and farms and quickly adapted to become expert hunters so make sure I can practice my hunting skills in the house hunting is in my blood I chase catch and bring my prey to people because I forgot how to do it no wonder they don’t even have thanks.

Giant Maine Coon Cat


Maine Coons don’t typically but we’re great at trilling and chirping instead and even though I’m not good at bowing I am social and I can engage in some small talks let’s get a look please I’m a big cat and I don’t really like to see their hands this is not serious I will not disclose but only gentle hint that I’m going to leave and even more now sitting on lap leaving in a counter free one two three it’s time we are also super climbers.

Biggest Maine Coon Cat


Just like Bobcats some people might think we’re too heavy to climb not true the highest places in a house or mine I even have a funny video and we should try to take a nap I’m a feral child they don’t let me do it and now we can just see a series of amazing photos.


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Sometimes I can go in a wrong direction or even forget where should I bring the ball but usually I try to bring it back because it rolled again and again so the game is very dynamic just like hunting while the majority of my domestic feline cousins try to avoid war at outcasts I actually love playing in and around war I have a highly water resistant for cut it covers a body high stop when I said at a low water I meant something else I don’t really like being washed and for some reasons.


Maine Coons have a lot of room and therefore they’re worried allergenic in fact a large amount of woo does not necessarily have to cuss a lot of allergies as well as the complete absence of wool to guarantee HIPAA allergic.


Maine Coons are incredibly expensive to have not even close food that expands and of course toys because the same as for an average sized cat. It is $40 for pack of feed 45 for reading means 10 fur balls for natural food

15 for litter box 14 for kitty litter shafts and scratching post for $30 an also 15 for shampoo 5 for pate 10 for mouth paste and 5 for grooming brush monthly cursed is approximate $50 well because of my size I might eat a little more than the rest of the crowd my bad.


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