Bizarre moment clever cat uses toilet just like a human


Cat uses Toilet like a human: Use a toilet I think that it’s gonna be really good because our entire bathroom is full of litter. It’s like an actual litter box that goes on the toilet it uses a proven disappearing litter box technique that has successfully toilet trained cats for decades.

cat uses toilet

You can be part of that Club but it starts as a litter box that you put underneath the seat of your toilet and then it gradually has less litter until it’s just the toilet. I’m so sorry today it starts ready here you are this is cool isn’t it you love this everything’s great.

It’s not wonderful wait just like oh that did not go as planned it’s gonna go terribly my hope is that he’ll kind of recognize it a little bit more as a litter box so I put him on there and he was kind of playing with it but then I don’t really know how to reward I try to give him a treat while he’s on there but then he’s like eating where he shits or he’s supposed to and then the treat falls in the litter box I don’t want to eat the litter but then if he jumps off I’m not sure if I’m like rewarding him to jump off I don’t know but I feel like we might be making like even the slightest bit.

Just a picture of the toilet with litter everywhere and like some of the cat had not his poop out to the ground the cat was like embarrassed then he ran into the bathroom so I followed him in there and I look over and just like cat litters everywhere do you think this is gonna be worth it the end no absolutely I spent more time cleaning his litter up than I’ve ever seen cleaning litter all the other times in mine you wouldn’t have to clean the letter after like once he starts using it but if he never learns.

I don’t know why I’m laughing because it’s not funny actually really upsetting and it’s like a like angry poop you know like he does not feel good I feel like a really bad cat mom he’s so embarrassed this is obviously upsetting him I think he ruined our kevel he’s refuelling for round two I’m stoked because today we were talking to a co-worker’s dad who is both a veterinarian and a cat trainer I’m hoping that he can help me determine if this is right for Chester I’m Sydney the one with the cat the problem that we’re having is litters always all over our bathroom.

I just feel so bad for my cat changing the litter all those things potentially frustrated cat looks less putting it in the toilet I think you just have to go really slow with the home make it really you know make it really tiny do you think that I’ll be successful in this oh sure yeah I feel good I impressed the cat trainer look I just walked through the door and I’m greeted by this man who says go look at the cat box Chester what’s wrong with you the same part of your litter box he literally pooped Tubman on the toilet seat oh no yesterday.


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