Golden Retriever Dog Joining crunches workout at fitness class


Golden Retriever Dog: A cute video showed a dog participating in a training session and trying to ride abs on a bicycle.

In the clip, which was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral, a California Golden Retriever named Riptide could be seen climbing on his back and turning his legs in the air like the other assistants.

golden retriever dog workout
Picture Credit: IG/ RiptidetheRetriever

Hardly able to control his laughter, the class teacher bent over the hairy visitor, looking at his progress, while those who went to the gym around him performed the exercise in the video shared by the Twitter account Humor and animals.

On Twitter, some joked that the dog was really better at exercise than the other attendees, while others said he was the perfect motivator for the gym.

Riptide stole the show during the gym session, putting his tail on the floor as he completed the exercise, while the class of about 20 people worked with the sounds of the Beyoncé formation. He made sure that he was the center of attention by standing in the middle of the circle.

The short video brought together more than 51,200 likes and 8,400 re-tweets in less than 24 hours. Ladies, you’ll never do this exercise correctly because you do not have a fluffy tail,” just joked.

Now look at the dog, that’s how it is done! Except that he is also a better floor cleaner with his tail! “Think about some clothes next time, ladies and gentlemen,” said another.”

“How much better would the training be if this were our training partner?” A friend asked.

Others pointed out that they would certainly go to the gym more if there were a puppy like Riptide.


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