Heart touching video Cyclist rescue dehydrated dog in Argentina


An unselfish cyclist interrupted his training to help a dog that fought on the side of the road in Argentina. A video showed the man carrying the animal on his back after he found it abandoned and severely dried out.


The incident was filmed in the South Argentinean province of Río Negro and the sports training group Marican Team shared the images on Facebook. According to local media, three cyclists from the city of Villa Regina traveled together when they encountered an abandoned dog in the middle of the road that seemed dehydrated and disoriented.


The video was accompanied by the message: “Rodri, Alan and Emiliano from Villa Regina helped an abandoned dog who became dehydrated during his training.” Cyclists took the dog back to the city, but it is currently unclear who is currently taking care of the animal.


The cyclist received praise after helping the animal to be safe. Social media users said he had “a big heart” and thanked him “because he was so kind and caring to our four-legged friends.” Marican Team describes itself as an organization that prepares athletes by offering personalized planning for better performance.


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