Australian Shepherd dog joins owner during gym class in San Jose


Australian Shepherd miniature, gets a lot of attention online after his mother, Timea Kosztin, has shared a video of Tesla training.

The beautiful puppies participated in Kosztin during a gym session in San Jose, California, on 9th January. Once at the gym, Tesla immediately participated in the exercises.


In addition to stepping on and off with a few burpees, Tesla even demonstrated his skills and central strength by making a few handstands against the wall.

Kosztin said that Tesla’s other hobbies are learning new tricks and eating dog treats.

Australian Shepherds that everyone would be complaining about and another thing I want to point about that comments that I just made is that a lot of people assume that the Aussie is a problem and that’s why I’m kind of making this video as well is because they just don’t understand that they are meant to work all day and it’s not you’re all these faults for that if anything it’s our fault since we’ve bred them to work all day so you just have to get them to do what they were meant to do and if it’s hurting that’s great because that’s what we kind of have the image of the Australian Shepherds.


It’s not then you can work them in different ways I heard that all Shona Shepherds are actually very good service animals so working them in that way that’s like a mental and physical work environment so that would be perfect for them just finding different outlets for them I think would be the best and even if they’re a in-home dog did that make sense and even if they’re a at home dog then you can also do things like agility so I kind of got lost into my three points but basically if that’s their a herding and working class dog they are high energy breeds and they need stimulation.

So that’s the whole entire gist I don’t like that word so that’s the whole entire concept I’m trying to get at is those three points and how to kind of understand your Ozzy more by knowing just those three things and kind of giving them the lifestyle.


Australian Shepherds are one of these dog breeds I need the most attention and the most energy taken out of them mentally and physically so hopefully I went over everything. I wanted to talk about today it’s just those three main points I probably could talk for hours more but I want to get straight to the point.


Australian Shepherd breeder I get all those people that will take their pet home and they’ll be like why is this dog have so much energy and I’m like I literally just told you but of course I’m there to kind of guide them through it and it usually comes out okay but they just think that puppy it’s gonna have energy but it’s all not Jillian Shepherd puppy and it’s gonna have so much more energy than any other puppy that you’ll own that’s probably not true but to some extent it is they’re very needy breed in that way but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing that means that you’re gonna just have to bond with your pup more and that’s gonna just lead to a closer relationship between you two which is actually very great but hopefully you guys have enough information to kind of guide you into successfully raising your Australian Shepherd.


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