Terminally ill dog name Eddie sworn in as honorary police K-9


Officers in Washington helped a dog with terminal illness named Eddie fulfill a pail list, swearing that he was an honorary K-9 police officer.

Eddie’s mission for that day was to visit area affairs to collect donated items for a local rescue program.


Sometimes we do not know how happy we are until something happens that changes life, whether it is the loss of a loved one or a medical diagnosis.

For Eddie he goes on an adventure every day and full of adventures.

Eddie, or Eddie Spaghetti as his adoptive mother calls him, was left in Benton City for Thanksgiving.

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He survived on the street until he was captured by Officer Brown with the Benton County dog ​​check.

Eddie went to the vet and found an unusable tumor that blinded him in one eye.

He called Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue after getting to know the diagnosis. It has between six months and a year of life.

Although Eddie does not know that he is sick, his adoptive mother makes sure that he knows how special he is with a wish list.

“So we thought what we would want for him and, of course, a K-9 officer seemed to be a great option for him because he is a great ambassador,” said Kristi Kesler, adoptive mother of Eddie with Mikey’s Chance.


Alright should we do it kids ready alright alright Eddie you’re gonna repeat after me know that I’m not gonna work it’s okay I swear to uphold the Constitution and laws of the state of Washington in the city of Pasco as an official police k-9 to apprehend bad guys search out our products and put people in jail.


So help me God he does awesome yeah all right he is now being officially sworn in just more rugs right there all right so he’s gonna be one is that good men do it again Eddie’s gonna be responding to calls now throughout the tri-cities this calls for service will be picking up property at various store locations businesses that are going to be donating to Mikey’s chance as well as Eddie’s cause don’t put we’re glad to have any with us today Thanks that’s awesome. What do you think about Eddie please share your nice Comment in this post below.


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