Doberman saves owner by hurling snake high into the air


Doberman clutch snake in his mouth and sends it flying into the bushes

A dog ran to a snake in a field and threw it “into another dimension,” to the relief of the terrified dog owner.

The images, published on TikTok by a man with the username @kbeachnau, show a grassy clearing flanked by weeds, while a black Doberman is in the distance.

In the foreground a snake blocks the path of man, as he says with an American accent: “There is a big motherf*** snake here.” That bastard is big!

“It’s a cool morning … and you better look for her.


The Doberman returns within a few seconds, after which his owner makes a frightened sigh.

The dog immediately grabs the snake in its mouth and sends it high through the air, where it appears almost stiff and out of sight in the brush.


Although the type of snake is not clear in the video, some social media commentators consider it a garter snake that is non-toxic and common in North America.


The username of Kbeachnau is followed by GVSU, suggesting that he may be a student at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.


It is not known when the clip took place, but Dayana Sarkisova tweeted it with the title: “My new hero is this dog who found a snake in another dimension.”

“Yeet” means throwing something powerful, with great force.

Dayan’s Twitter footage has garnered more than 172,000 views to date.


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