Adorable moment stray dog stay alert for the children in Georgia


A local stray dog ​​and Batumi, Republic of Georgia, became a local celebrity and received the People’s Choice title after one of their own wrote how he got a group of kindergartens on January 20. The superior mekon helps

Beka Tsinadze, a Batu resident, registered a dog named Kupata (meaning “worse”) because he volunteered his services as a guard, jogged alongside a group of children and barked at the car when he was a Zeben

Tsinadze told Storyful that the dog has been living in his house for about four years and that he and his neighbor take care of him together.

Screenshot: Storyful Video

The Georgian government has several laws that prescribe the human treatment of stray animals, but it marks dogs so that citizens can follow when they were last fed and washed.

The video about hello Kupata Children helped by way over, has attracted so much attention from the international community in social networks that the Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara has already rewarded the brave dog met with the People’s Choice Award.


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