Adorable video cat thinks hard about before hitting a dog


This is the moment when the cat decides to poke the dog in the ears after she was unable to exceed her extreme size.

The images depict a black and white cat, Ruta, staring at the huge ears of Howie’s dog, before carefully raising her paw and preparing to stroke them.

Nice interaction was filmed Wednesday and is believed to have been made in Pennsylvania, USA.

The video starts with the cat looking at the dog’s ears, and the “man’s best friend” is on guard and looks right in front of him.


In silence, the cat raises one leg, looking into the ear. The dog turns around, distracted by the owner’s smile, and not suspecting the actions of his neighbor.

The cat is beating. Then he throws himself off the couch when the dog turns and finds his teeth.

According to news report, the moment of catnip was shot by a Twitter user.


Video was uploaded with the caption: “Please enjoy this video that my cat is an absolute idiot. Always consider the expression on your face.”

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