Schnauzer puppy Catch ball like as cricketer in the ground


Schnauzer puppy to do stretch outside with lots and lots of distractions find a close place inside of your own home or wherever you are and do a mini fetch session with him want to the place.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

You want it and then throw it in after selecting your problem right back in and smell the rock drop it this good boy wonderful if you want to show you one quick okay.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

The Schnauzer drop it drop it probably from it Schnauzer good boy good boy and having to gotta be super fun okay there you go good boy all eats the boys in Turkey.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

Now the line is rub it without asking there you go okay have a great day once your puppy has learned how to do that mini fetch session you can grab the toy Schnauzer come Schnauzer come.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

One of the most common things that people ask me as it relates teaching a dog how to play ball is you know my dog will chase the ball while it’s in the air and they’ll watch it and they’ll get right up to it but then they just wait for it to hit the ground and don’t catch it and it astonishes me how many people are discouraged by this and just give up and say man.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

I guess my dog is just a lot of ball dog they don’t want to grab it out of the air well the bottom line is it’s almost the best analogy I can make is it’s almost like expecting an infant to learn how to walk before they crawl in other words 1,000 percent of all ball dogs will always do that in the beginning if they’re not doing it you don’t have a dog.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

Today I’m going to tell you how to teach your dog to catch a ball out of the air now I’m going to be telling you with Indiana Jones who has just recently learned how to catch the ball consistently I’m going to show you exactly how we taught her to do that all right Indy you ready let’s get started baby you ready she’s all hype she’s into her ball right here look at her cow she’s watching it ah now I’ve got our dog training album where we talk about ball on some other topics but I’m gonna do a quick.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

Remember the first thing we do when we’re teaching our dog ball is take that’s very good so she’s taking it she knows how to grab it from the rib that is perfect the next thing we do with our dog is we encourage them to come around remember the reason we teach our dog to come around like this is to give them a running start so we’ve got take it we’ve got come around take it very good it’s important to remember that we don’t just teach our dog to take it and then throw it as far as we can remember.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

 it’s all about baby steps don’t ask for too much face it in you can’t get from A to Z without hitting all those letters in between we have to get them to take it out of the air wallets in the air clumps up first does that make sense what’s this and take it very good and detour it so they’ve got to catch it in the air like that first yes good girl that’s catch.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

It she’s looking good yeah she did it good job indeed come on baby remember guys the crazier you act with your dog the better they’re gonna appreciate it the better they’re gonna do play with them don’t teach them have a good time with it and that’s how you teach your dog to catch a ball out the air do this with your dogs especially if they have a lot of energy especially if they love to fetch they will love you forever.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer

It’s also good to keep them in shape and keep them happy that’s what having a dog is all about it’s not about the tricks it’s not about all the stuff they do it’s about having a better relationship with our animals.

Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer
Picture Credit: Arlo Schnauzer


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