Firefighters save Australian cattle dog stuck in the center of Wheel


Firefighter in California USA responded this week to an unusual challenge: a puppy that stuck its head in the wheel with a spare tire.

Riverside County Animal Service officials initially answered the call on Wednesday to find a 3-month-old Australian cattle dog in a dangerous situation. The dog stuck its head through the hole in the wheel, which is attached to the hub in the car’s suspension. Once inside the dog could not take his head out.


“It was very exciting for me. I tried to imagine how the hell he was in that position and you just have to remember that the puppies will be puppies. Just curious, there must have been food or something, I was just perplexed, “said another person, an animal care technician in Riverside County.

José and animal care officer José Cisneros tried to use oil to lubricate the Australian cattle dog puppy’s neck. But when swelling began to appear around the wavy dog’s neck, they decided to take it to the animal campus of the Coachella Valley.

It was there that the puppy calmed down to reassure her, and the Firefighters from the Riverside Fire County came to help.


Firefighters in turn used a reciprocating saw to cut a piece on a wheel large enough to safely remove the Australian cattle puppy.

“Now she is in perfect condition. She doesn’t seem surprised by this, “Ho said.

The playful puppy returned with his family, where he can rest after a tiring test.


During the meeting of a curious dog with his family, rescuers learned that the puppy was called Lana. But she already has a new nickname: Wheelie pup.



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