Heart warming moment oil-worker save kittens frozen in ground


An intelligent oil-worker from Alberta, Canada, used hot coffee to save frozen kittens on the ground. He was able to find a new home for them after sharing the salvation story on Facebook.

Tragic moment turned into a heart warming story when an Alberta man came across three abandoned kittens near Drayton Valley on Wednesday 22nd January.


The man Kendall Davis was able to save them and shared the Alberta cat rescue video online the video has since gone viral and daya’s has even shared enough teen about how the kittens are doing now. He explains the Facebook post that he found the three Kittens on a back road near the oil well where he works.

One of the cats isn’t frozen but the other two have their tails frozen to the ground once I wish sees this he tells the cats to hold on and goes to the struck to get his coffee he pours the warm coffee on the cattails and is able to give them free his creative and quick thinking was a total game changer in the sad scenario the little animals are crying right up until they’re rescued and picked up by their Savior.

After he scooped them up he walks back towards his truck and says that is so cruel to himself his post explains that after the video he took them home and gave them food and water.

One of follower in Kendall Diwisch profile and share comment

“Omg. Who could be so heartless I’m so grateful you came along!!! Thank you so much for saving these innocent animals”

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