Adorable moment skillful dog climbs through small hole in gate to escape in Thailand


This is an adorable moment when a competent dog climbed a 10-foot door before moving through narrow bars to the other side.


The Daredevil played an incredible performance in Hua Hin, Thailand. The clip shows the dog in front of the blue door when he is thinking about his next move. Start by lifting your front legs to the bottom rails before you lift your rear legs to continue, carefully after the tail, a witty dog ​​slowly gets up in front of the door, while a surprised viewer decreases the performance.

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When he reaches the point of the door with the greatest distance, the dog shows his head. Pull your body through it slowly, with its front legs to stand firmly on the other side.

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Then jump into the private garden quickly and quietly this is not the first time a cunning dog uses a number of special skills to overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle.


A talented dog climbed the wall before he broke through a small space and jumped to the other side in Bangkok, Thailand. At first only the dog’s head peered out of his head into a six-meter-high brick wall after a short time, however, two of his front legs appear and the dog starts scratching the wall in an attempt to cross the room.


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