People buy dog masks for pets worried about corona virus


People buy dog masks for their pets amid worries about the corona virus

Sales of “dog masks” in China are on the rise for fear of the corona virus, but WHO says it has not seen any evidence that cats and dogs can become infected with the disease.

Corona virus the doctors and the medical team up there are working feverishly to deal with this matter and they are seeking to get confirmation that in fact the person we understand is someone who’s traveled recently back from China in to Jamaica so we know that the inner section of the area at the University Hospital of the West Indies is in partial shutdown as the galvanize resources to deal with this matter so the West Indies the accident and emergency department there are treating with numbers.

it’s been a while since I’ve write a article over here so let everyone know that I’m now there’s a lot going on right now I think one of the seals is opened up a seal that opened up this reason why I say that because the past they’ve said certain viruses were bad what not like they talked about Ebola stuff like that a lot of people counting follow a pirate you can’t buy necessarily by air like  many people in here populations in here know that a million because if the bigger never even want to be thrilled.

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so what’s the odds in California very hot very I think in a pretty bad state of affairs and as well is the earthquake spell in that it’s all these earthquakes always be pals the volcanoes which I think are coming and I think are coming alive minimum are coming to life that you know garment they’re starting come on so big ones another site is fact that this guy was gonna be walked out.

The only way that can actually happen the Sun like in the Bible it talks about this in the Bible and people say that’ll never happen way you just can’t see it that those disappear out of sight and the only way that can happen is the same volcanoes I’m about all that and surrounding yours so then you won’t see the moon in the night sky and that’s I feel that’s gonna happen.

scared dog wear a mask on mouth

it’s pretty simple so what’s that happen certainly gonna be enough immediate in the world but it’s gonna be tough times like bread is gonna be very high price probably have to eat stuff like potatoes and grow underground stuff like that about the depend on that you know if anybody had food storage that was a good idea to do that’s why people push food storage.  

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small dog worried about from Corona Virus

It wasn’t you know you know it’s not a fear monger thing people should have been already doing food storage because of that happening you know so that’s the big worry I mean we’re not gonna necessarily die but might starve to death you know because not a lot of plants are gonna grow in this kind of weather they don’t with that with the Sun being blocked out and all my belt it may be some artificial light or whatever that spot will happen to  use these artificial light to get that to happen I’m sure that’s gonna happen I mean you know the people aren’t gonna disappear off the face of the earth that’s the last days can happen so to  get a whole field to do what’s that going to take you know this it’s not gonna be easy.

White husky wear mask on mouth from better safety

It’s not  be a lot of food people could have to grow their own and whatnot be in their homes we’re gonna have to change how they live their life and with animals I mean that’s gonna be hard a lot of them are gonna die they’re gonna be hungry they’re gonna want needs and that’s another thing they’re saying the last days the animals are gonna get wild and eat humans because they’re not going to have a lot of food so they’re gonna start attacking people in large numbers versus.

Two Golden Retriever Dog wear mask safety from Corona Virus

They never did before because they’ll be hungry so you know we all have to be aware of that stuff tap it’s going to be a bad time it’s gonna be a time that people aren’t gonna want to live like you know and that’s coming soon but like I always say nobody knows that it here yeah but I’m just explaining to you what is gonna happen not to be pessimistic ear monitoring its prepare for because if you don’t prepare for them what are you gonna do you have to be prepared so it’s going to be ugly and bad probably the worst case possible trying to I mean subliminally I think I don’t know if you want to discuss that of their topic but there’s stuff going on right now.

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Cats in China died of the Corona Virus

We need to start getting ready get here it’s out black right with Christ yeah yourself over to do the right thing NEP down who knows what’s gonna happen as things are coming to a head that’s the main thing you have to do and the course includes storage that’s a good idea a lot of people are gonna die when this volcano goes obviously you know it immediately many actually but that’s what my prediction is I mean I’m not I am no prophet or I’m no predictor or nothing I just I’m saying what I see what I see the Bible says watching the volcanoes watching all the earthquakes something is going on and we need to start getting ready before it’s too late all right it’s bad and this corona virus is another thing another seal being broken and it’s shut down China it’s affecting him certain places America not as bad as in America yet it’s just starting and eventually it’ll come to home here too and come home it’s in many countries that isn’t just America.


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