Smart cat surprised her owner by using the toilet like a human


Naturally, the litter boxes are too unpleasant and not cleaned for this smart cat named Ramen.


It is believed that a much more cultivated kitten.

The owner of the Ramen, Izzy Willis, recently visited Twitter to tell the world about the amazing fact about the cute cat, namely that he managed to learn how to cat use toilet.

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It is not known how or when Ramen, acquired this skill, but Willis will never forget the moment when he first discovered it.

“I was brushing my teeth “in the bathroom”, and he came up to me, looked into my eyes and started peeing in the toilet,” Willis said. “My answer was “Wow amazing.”

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Willis was clearly stunned, but suspecting that no one would believe it without evidence, he decided to capture a strange image in a video (which personally contains some kind of blasphemy)

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“I think he learn by looking at us,” Willis said.

Although perhaps this is a little more worthy than handling cat litter, the use of the toilet by Ramen is not completely dominant; Willis said he never blushes.

Ramen leaves it up to her.


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