Heartbreaking moments Doberman Nickname FiFi no more with us


A story of Fifinator (Fifi)  with great sorrow and broken hearts, I come to all of you today to share the loss of Doberman Nick Name FiFi.


When I say “our beloved” FiFi, I record them all, she was also his special girlfriend.

We are very grateful that we shared this with all these wonderful years. We thank you for your love for us.

You made our trip even more special, you were a wonderful big family.

At the moment, we feel immeasurable pain for his loss. She was a life force! Both in our hearts and in our home there is a void that can never be filled or replaced.

We will always be grateful that God choose our family to make her live. We are grateful that we spent almost 12 years with her. We would like to have more, but we would not have enough time. That is why I will be grateful for every second that we had.


We want to share with those of you who want to know more about his death.

Doberman FiFi took a nap in the middle of the day and never woke up. We thought she was sleeping. She seemed calm and perfect, when we touched her, we were surprised to realize that she had left us.


We never had any sign that this was coming.


He had an excellent routine veterinary care. Last October, during a routine examination, there was some concern that his spleen had undergone some changes. Ultrasound and biopsy were done immediately in areas of interest and were benign. Your annual health tests were normal. In recent years, blood tests were done 3-4 times a year, as a precaution to ensure the best well-being of older people. His next cardiology exam was scheduled for March 26th. All previous exams were normal.


We feel so abnormal when she is here, for her pretty face every morning, every evening and whenever she can, sending us around us, chasing squirrels and squirrels from her garden, stepping on all our legs, begging for all the products so that your presence is known to everyone who came to you, so that we can read with the children at night, to take responsibility, I mean sharing our bed at night, your hard help in the bathroom and much more.Doberman FiFi gave us everything possible.Now we are trying to do what seems impossible, namely: to adapt to life without being here physically. I still cannot believe that she had to leave. I will keep it in my heart forever.

With our love and gratitude to all of you, your friends, we also express our condolences for your loss.

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Sleep well my dear FiFi, I will always be grateful that you left me alone.

Photo by Linda Birmantas Beam and Shayna Sitton


I am grateful for all the moments captured in the pictures with FiFi, but when I see them, I still feel her on my lips, I pray that she always does this.


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