Incredible moments Malinois dog catch treat ball for owner


Belgian Malinois is a great dog breed. I think the Malinois is a German Shepherd/howler monkey hybrid. Such astonishing athleticism.

Australian Shepherd dog joins owner during gym class in San Jose


Impressive dog breed ! I hope vet science can figure out a way to solve their hip and leg problems . Long term health risks if that doesn’t happen.

Think of the canine spine. It’s not semi vertical like dog owners’. Then the joints. Know what even a single broken toe costs or how many weeks in a (modest) splint.

Doberman saves owner by hurling snake high into the air


Only a tiny minority of posts mentioning the long term and potential short term risks here. Some zoologist or trainer or vet should weigh in. We don’t want to trigger PETA into action, after all.


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