Adorable moments dog gives blood the veterinary clinic for checkup


Dog veterinary clinic for checkup: Dog check-up and saw his doctor very innocently, on this dog’s innocence, the doctor collect a blood sample, which was later sent to the lab for a test, adopting a very compassionate attitude toward the dog.

I love my dog I had to take my dog to the vet to speak them and the vet told me that she’s a perfect specimen be honest that kind of pissed me off because I have never once had a doctor’s appointment.

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Go anywhere hear that well what a bitch no guys I dunno why I’m the type of guy that will spend half an hour in the pet store going through each and every ingredient in my baby’s food to make sure there’s not a single thing going into her system that shan’t be there then on that same trip.

Dog Blood Sample

I really do feel like I need a certain thing about making some changes though because I kinda feel like. I’m getting to a weird weight place right now like I kind of feel like right now I’m somewhere between Chris Hemsworth hey Chris Farley which basically means that I’m not fast enough to be funny .


I actually wrote that joke quite a while back like well before Avengers endgame was a thing like before backdoor and now I feel like that guy totally stole my thunder.


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