Terrifying moments Kitten eats weed cookies gets, violently high


This woman’s cat started a “big drug adventure” which she shared with all of us in a thread.

Carmine Deville’s cat, Carmilla, had this first-hand experience after an accident that caused her to eat a weed cookie. The incident was shared on Twitter and the thread has thousands of likes, with (possibly malicious) people laughing at the situation. Carmine first explained Carmilla’s nature and jokingly called her “a terrible gremlin kitten” and “an indestructible Dumpster Demon TM with a steel belly”.


He also said that Carmilla “would fight God for a stale half throw and win”, which really says everything you need to know about this tough little kitten. What happened then? Well, Carmine took a pre-made herb cookie from the freezer and put it on the fridge before squeezing it.

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