Dog named Che-Che arrives at animal shelter her owners died due to Coronavirus


A New Jersey dog ​​searches for a new home after its two owners, two brothers, died of the spread of the coronavirus.

On April 13, 2020, the Monmouth County SPCA shared photos of an orphan dog named Che-Che on Facebook, claiming that a puppy weighing 9 pounds would receive medical treatment before finding a

Dog-owners –died-of-coronavirus

“Unfortunately, Che-Che is the first of many pets that we hope will need shelter in these uncertain times.”

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“Che-Che arrived at the Monmouth County SPCA last weekend when two of his family members died of a coronavirus,” said the report.

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I was “scared and trembling when she arrived”.

Che-Che was taken to the shelter by parents of their owners, who could not offer him a house independently after the loss of two parents who left 04 dogs.

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Dennis Traverso, 79, and James, his brother, Cricket Traverso, 73, died within a week of each other, both from complications caused by the spread of the coronavirus.

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Denise and her sister found themselves not only with the pain of losing their beloved father and uncle, but also with the task of finding loving families for the brothers’

pets, which they could not do, while taking care of their own home,

Therefore, they turned to the local shelter, which ensured that the dogs were landed in the safest way.

Shelter’s erectile dysfunction was revealed, adding that the family had gone out of their way to give Che-Che the home he deserved.

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“Che-Che was afraid, the children were crying in the car,” he continued.

“They did their best and just couldn’t do it.

We told them we could give him a good house.

We can’t imagine what a dog like her suddenly loses all he knew and then ends up in an unknown location, added shelter staff in a Facebook post.

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