How to care your dog in coronavirus spread during Covid-19


Most of us are staying at home to try and help flatten the Coronavirus curve. I know someone who’s thrilled to have you finally staying at home your pet so make the most of this time after all there’s so many fun things.

You can do so make your work breaks pet breaks come on get off your computer and go play the old come get your slipper or fetch the avocado.


Another day another avocado Lizzy or just enjoy watching them play you can have them teach you how to do the downward dog.


“You can also eat together have you dessert together and even have them help you fix things around the house take them on a walk in your neighbourhood”.

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Of course making sure to observe the six feet apart from others who may also be walking after all that you can end.


“Your day by watching some television and then you’re sure to be off to some sweet dreams”.

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My doggies reminding you whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother you’re staying inside staying inside feel the city break-in and everybody shaken but we’re staying inside stay inside. Please stay home for you and your family.


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