Amazing genius woman find way to cut dogs nails among coronavirus lockdown


Genius woman cut dogs nails Coronavirus Lockdown

A dog owner shared his tip of applying peanut butter to his forehead to distract his dogs and cut his claws.

Linds Shelton, an ICU nurse from Pismo Beach, California, posted a video of his smart hacking on his Tik Tok account and has since been called a genius and has been tested by several people.


At the beginning of the video, titled “Do you need help cutting your dog’s nails?” I gotchu ‘, the dog owner wraps the film around his head and starts dipping a spoon into a jar of Jif peanut butter and spreads it on his forehead.

He rushes to shut down the potential trolls, saying, “This peanut butter has no xylitol before everyone panics.” Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is often used in food to keep the product sugar free, but it is toxic to dogs, even in small quantities.

Continue talking to the camera and a man in the background, confused, can be heard saying “what are you doing?” while Miss Shelton laughs and turns the camera to show her face.


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He calls her an “idiot” to whom Miss Shelton jokes: “Oh, I look like an idiot, I’m going to look like a genius.

The video shows the beloved owner kneeling in front of his gray-haired dog Schmidt with the envelope around his head and a nail clipper in his hand.

Miss Shelton has to lift her dog’s head towards the peanut butter several times before she knows it and starts licking it, ignoring the nail clippers.

The dog is so obsessed with candy that he doesn’t notice it when he lifts his paw and says “oh okay” and starts cutting quickly.

Murphy, his other hairy dog, watches and looks impatient to participate in the dog’s pedicure session.


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Miss Shelton said she had never tried to cheat before, but she knew it would work because the dog is “passionate”.


Since the publication of Tik Tok, the revolutionary trick has been praised by social media users and some say they want to nominate her for a doctorate in dog training, and another says she should run for presidential elections.

Another grateful Twitter user shared a video of his hacking test with his dog and said, “ Thanks! I bought three different tools and tried to bribe her with gifts. It is the only thing that worked with it. “

Dogs can eat peanut butter in moderation and many appreciate it, but La Croix Bleue advises owners to always check the label before handing it over to their dog.

If dogs end up eating something with xylitol, they are encouraged to call the vet immediately.



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