Bizarre moment cow jumps into pool after being chased by two dogs


A very funny incident involving two dogs, a cow in a swimming pool emerged from the courtyard of an Alabama home.

This video my niece sent me I’m just gonna do this real quick show it to you what we got here we got we got two dogs chasing the cow out somebody’s backyard what in the world hell is it.  Dog bites town I hope comes in the pool oh my good doggies doing in the pool after the cow oh my goodness they are in the deep end they are in the deep end don’t cut doggies button cow.

Image credit: Michael French

Cow put some under the water Junction dog swimming away we got dog number two on the side of the pool the hole number one is going after cow again oh my goodness.

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The cows under two diving board oh he’s getting out two pulleys oh he can’t get out he can’t get out they both stuffed in the pool in the deep end over the head.

What in the world what’s this in the back oh my goodness we got a cowboy coming in we got we got a cowboy Tony oh he’s got a lasso oh my goodness no oh two Cowboys oh my goodness count trying to get out he’s in the shallow end lasso oh he’s doing the count.

Image credit: Michael French

It laughs oh my goodness first shot what in the world he was in oh my goodness not a cow pulling the horse.

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The dog is still there Pool got man coming after dog in the pool come one number two’s chasing the cow always trying to lasso to count again.

Image credit: Michael French

Dogs out to pull count why to us having a hard time what in the world is this dog cows in the pool one minute later out to pull lasso Alabama.


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