Groundhog chows down with slice of Pizza as dogs look on


Although coronavirus is quickly becoming one of the worst periods in human history every day we learn how for animals this time is pure bliss the pandas are smashing again in China the animals are partying in your seventeen a tional Park and now in Philadelphia groundhogs well this is doing this on some lighter news it seemed like Groundhog.

Day part two in Pennsylvania check out this pizza loving worked up in Philadelphia unlike his usually shy counterpart Punxsutawney Phil this one munching away at a cheese and slice while staring down a dog on the other side of the window wrote nailed up pizza groundhog to rival pizza rat here in New York City.

Groundhog is a legend did you see his face you see him he’s just eating that pizza right in their face is that he’s like if Bugs Bunny was even more of an asshole thing and this makes you realize it makes you realize how different indoor animals and outdoor animals are indoor animals are soft because this groundhog is out there in the streets like oh this yeah yeah I just eat pizza whenever I want I guess I guess you guys you guys probably have to ask for pizza like.

A little bitch well at least you can still scratch your balls oh you own a chop them off and you know he’s not gonna stop with those dogs right. you can see in that little groundhogs eyes he’s getting cocky I bet next week he’s gonna come back and start taunting us humans.

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She’s gonna set up a little brunch outside the window with all of his friends bottomless mimosas can’t do that at home in other news there is now a petition with over 15,000 signatures to make Falchi People magazine’s sexiest man alive and this is why I love America the man who is a scientist an academic and a public servant is out there fighting to keep people healthy and everyone else is just like drop your pants show us that PhD and I’ll be honest I hope this happens not just for dr. Falchi but for the whole country because if there’s one thing we know it’s that Donald Trump only respects hard people yeah it’s why Ivanka is a presidential advisor.


When Eric has to use the doggie door oh and by the way people magazine you need to change your name to person magazine okay.

It’s called social distancing speaking of leaders trying to make a difference in manual in Macomb presidents of France and Guyana Gillette commercial who just finished shaving is leading efforts to call a global truce on all wars during the coronavirus epidemic yeah all wars stop for coronavirus and believe it or not he’s already gotten buy-in from the UK’s Boris Johnson China’s President Xi and President Donald Trump which is really impressive and I’m not shocked McCrone is the one trying to unite the world.


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