People are sharing pictures of their British Shorthair cat it’s beautiful


British Shorthair breed so the British Shorthair cat is actually one of the most ancient breeds that exists it originated in the UK and the Roman invaders imported these cats.


These cats were numbered between really strong cats and they protected their food from rodents now there’s this theory that the Roman invaders actually imported Egyptian domestic cats which then breed with the Britain population by the 1890s they started importing long-haired cats and other Persian cats which actually created a shortage in the British Shorthair breed by World War two there was such a food shortage supply that cats stopped eating and they were dying so what they did is they allowed them to start breeding with the Persian cats which ultimately created the British long hair cat.

The cat breed was officially revived by mixing with other breeds such as the Russian blues domestic Shorthairs and of course the Persian cat now let’s move on to characteristics and personality traits British Shorthair cats are known for their strong muscular body builds they feature chubby cheeks big round eyes and the most adorable round faces with dense and thick coats they should be brushed regularly to maintain their appearance there are several colors and patterns available within this breed blue being the most popular.

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A very popular color in Europe their life expectancy is anywhere from 14 to 20 years old and they can weigh between 12 to 18 pounds females usually tend to weigh in at around 7 to 12 pounds and males 9 to 12 pounds the British Shorthair personality is loyal loving and friendly they make great companions and are the perfect fit for both single people or big families.

Children as kittens they are playful and energetic and this it’s well into adulthood they’re easy to care for and can be quite independent so don’t be surprised if they aren’t the type of car that’s constantly following you around some people say they aren’t the most affectionate breed but I really think it depends on each cat’s individual personality in how you raise them now let’s talk about common genetic problems with this breed.

There are two common genetic diseases that the British Shorthair breed is prone to the first one is polycystic kidney disease also known as PK d li cystic kidney disease is inherited at birth and grows larger over time.

Comical photos shows cat new look after a shave like hippo

It’s basically a clustering of cysts on the kidney that cause it to enlarge and ultimately lose function over time the appearance varies in size for each cyst and looks like a sac filled with fluid the second genetic disease is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The most common cardiac diseases in cats and it essentially involves the left ventricle of the heart its primary pump muscles to thicken and decrease volume in the heart chamber unfortunately this creates abnormal relaxation of the heart muscle.


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