People sharing videos of home our pets Competition “Cat vs dog Challenge”


Most recently, social media has been enlivened by several challenges created to fill leisure time during social distancing. These challenges, ranging from Until Tomorrow Challenge, to what is currently being viral namely pass the Brush Challenge & Toilet Paper Challenge.

In fact, it is not only humans who can carry out these challenges. Some pets, like dogs and cats, also have their own challenge trends.


This challenge is called ‘Cat Vs Dog Challenge’ where; cats and dogs will be asked to pass obstacles that are arranged using blocks. They are required to be able to pass these obstacles, without dropping the arranged domino blocks.


This challenge video is widely circulated on social media and many pet owners include their pets in this challenge. By doing the challenge, we can see the uniqueness of dogs and cats. Summarized from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, here are a lot of videos ‘Cat vs Dog Challenge’.

In this video, we see a cat that walks very carefully while crossing products that are already arranged on the floor. Meanwhile, a dog wants to do the same thing, but then he is too excited and makes these products fall.

In another video, the cat carefully places its foot while walking. Then, the white dog appeared and he wanted to finish the challenge immediately, by jumping over the line of blocks.

But there are also people whose dogs and cats can solve the challenge correctly, without dropping the order of items on the floor.

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