Scottish fold cat wearing hats made from their own cat hair (15 pics)


The Scottish Fold Cat impresses with a really unique appearance, we are visually very taken with it but the kinked ears have their price, but it is not the financial aspect that is common, but rather the price of the health of this animal genetically and in terms of breed standard.


From the lovely Instagram account of @rojiman and their Scottish Fold Cats, a series of cats portraits in which these kittens are wearing hats made from their own cat hair. You can see these lovely pictures in below picture gallery.

The Scottish Fold Cat is a British shorthair cat which is why she looks very similar to her, but what makes the Scottish Fold Cat really unique are her kinked ears, these kinked ears are due to an original natural gene mutation that affects the complete bones and cartilage apparatus of her body ability to sit upright and place the pans on your own belly, which can be perceived as very cute.


 However, the gene mutation that leads to these things has a much more serious downside of the coin. More to a third of all cats experience moderate to severe symptoms of the disease. The Scottish Fold Cat often becomes relatively lazy to move and avoids high jumps of course, but each step often hurts the cat at a later point in time, the pain can become so great that the cat becomes aggressive when you touch it or, in the worst case, that the agony becomes so big that it needs to be put to sleep breeding.

Scottish Fold Cats are therefore also to be understood as agony breeding and, according to the German animal welfare association, prohibiting the sale and import is basically legal, which is why theoretically shopping in Germany is possible.


However, it is, not advisable to support the breeding of this breed by buying a person who is on a Scottish absolutely not fold Who wants to do without should consider whether he or she can at least be a little patient then there would of course be the opportunity to regularly ask in the surrounding animal shelters whether a Scottish Fold Cat  is being mediated and then to enable this cat to have the best possible life is a good alternative to the Scottish Fold Cat  the British shorthair cats you can find the breed portrait on the left side and if you are more interested in the subject of agony breeding in cats.



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