Heartwarming moment two dogs best friend meeting each other after a month on street


A video of two best dog friends who reunited after more than a month left tears in people’s eyes. The video, which was shot by pet owner Stephani Maryn in Hamilton, Ontario, caused a stir on social media.


The video shows the rescue dog Samantha walking on the sidewalk with her human Stefani. As soon as Samantha Baldur sees her human Liesl coming from the other side, she starts barking with joy.

Samantha, a mixture of Labrador, gets angry when she meets her friend. She barks enthusiastically and turns to Stefani and pulls her to her best friend.

The two dogs finally meet. They rub their noses together and continue to bark enthusiastically while their owners hold their lines.

The video Stefani shared on TikTok is titled: “Unexpectedly, she met her best friend after missing her for more than a month.”

The video has been viewed more than 4 million times since last week. It received more than 10K comments. While some internet users said the moment was “incredibly valuable,” others missed their friends.

One user said, “It was the healthiest thing. So cute!” Another wrote: “It makes me happier to cry than people.”

A comment said, “It was so cute how she turned to tell you!” Another user added: “It’s everyone who lets us out. It’s so nice anyway!”


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