Cat brings her sick kitten in Turkish Hospital for medics treat


The sense of motherhood really goes beyond space, time and even view. A tweet on a cat and his little kitten shows how much motherly love is the same for everyone. Images posted on April 27 by a Twitter user detail how a cat brought her kitten to the hospital for treatment.

Picture Credit : Merve Özcan

The images depict a cat carrying a kitten in his mouth to a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. A Twitter user also shared another post on the same topic with a different set of cat images. They show doctors who help the cat and his baby. A caption translated from this tweet reads: “Today we were in the emergency department of the hospital, the cat rushed to bring its offspring into the mouth.”

Picture Credit : Merve Özcan

This sweet incident, demonstrating maternal love, was common on many social networks. On Reddit, a man who claimed to be involved in the incident wrote: “The cat brought the kitten to the emergency department of the hospital, and we helped her. There was a vet. The kitten is doing well and is now healthy. “

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Redditors were highly impressed by the cat mother. One person wrote, “Beautiful. Perfect. Love”. While another responded with, “Purrfect love….I’ll be going now”. “They should give it a cat scan,” read one comment punnily.

Indian Revenue Service official, Naveed Trumboo also tweeted about the episode. Here is how tweeple reacted to his post:


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