Couple of dogs feel love most loving dogs breed (15 pictures)


Great Family Pet

Pointer, aged 5 to7 years, loves fuss and attention, very clever, knows tricks, can live with kids aged  or above and with a calm dog or cat.


Tilly with Kids

Affectionate, good on the lead and ok with kids aged above, could possibly live with another dog, aged must be 13, small lump on nose (no issue).


Floof in Training

Throwing it way back to when I was just a Service Floof in-Training and just a wee baby Sammie. Added bonus baby Sammie BOOP!


Scottish fold cat wearing hats made from their own cat hair (15 pics)

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Cross aged 7, best as only pet in an adult home, he’s house trained and can be left for short periods, knows commands, playful, happy and best for house.


Toby Pet

Aged 16 Toby’s owner now too poorly to care for him he’s looking for an adult home as only Pet but gets on with dogs out and about, would like a garden, likes walks and footballs in the ground.


Best Friend

Affectionate best friends aged 11 and 13, house trained, enjoy quiet walks, good in the car, can be left for short periods.


Whippet Dog

Lovely Whippet aged 2-5, can live with kids 12 or above and would like to live with another calm dog, needs experienced, rural home and plenty of exercise, has some medical needs.


Beagle Dog

Beagle cross aged one year for VERY EXPERIENCED adult home, to train and care for Bella, could possibly live with another dog, needs large garden.


Guinea Dog

The New Guinea Singing dog, thought to be extinct in the wild.


Drive in Car

Perfect day to go for a drive in the car! I saw lots of dogs along the way and I was able to dance and wave at them! It was the best day ever.



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