About Us

petsmart hours
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Looking to find your animals or discover your pet? You have come to the right place!

We are crazy about companion animals. So crazy, we created one content-rich pet website, petsmarthours.com, with thousands pages of content between them.

Who We Are

With headquarter in Phoenix, AZ, our shared experience includes years of raising pet dogs, cats and other pets animals writing about them, rescuing, training, grooming and falling in love with them, and having our hearts broken by them. So it is no surprise our websites have become the number #1 spot for humans searching for information about pets & animals.

Our website has grown, a devoted network of animal-lovers has sprung up around them. Our community gives petsmarthours a collective reach over millions monthly unique visitors, not to mention all our fans on social media.

So it makes sense that we work with the leading advertiser in the pet industry. They want to reach loving pet people and we’ve got ’em!

Expert Advice and Recommendations

Required advice on the best toys, food, or supplies for your #Fluffy? Count on petsmarthours to check out the latest products in the pet marketplace.

And if it’s behaviour, training, or adoption guidance you want, help is here for you. We have latest articles and live-interviews from expert instructors.

Making a Difference

At petsmarthours, we are dedicated to helping adoptable animals and the

That’s our story and we could not be more proud or excited. What started with the idea of one informational website turned into something much larger–a supportive, interactive, pet-loving community and a network dedicated to making better lives for companion pet animals.

For more information: admin@petsmarthours.com