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Dog is a pet animal it has four legs two eyes and two ears it has sharp teeth it still is curved and hairy dogs are found in various colors size and shape the young one of a dog is called a pup or puppy German Shepherd Golden Retriever bulldog Doberman Denisha are some popular breeds of dogs dog is a very faithful animal it is considered as a loyal friend of man a dog guards the house of the owner kids like to play with dogs. Dogs can run fast and they can swim as well dogs can perform numerous tasks after proper training dogs truly are human’s best friend.

Terrifying moments Kitten eats weed cookies gets, violently high

This woman's cat started a "big drug adventure" which she shared with all of us in a thread.Carmine...

Comical photos shows cat new look after a shave like hippo

A stray cat, which the RSPCA called "catopotamus" after a gentle shave that made it look like a HIPPO, is looking for...

Adorable moments dog gives blood the veterinary clinic for checkup

Dog veterinary clinic for checkup: Dog check-up and saw his doctor very innocently, on this dog's innocence, the doctor collect a blood...

Incredible moments Malinois dog catch treat ball for owner

Belgian Malinois is a great dog breed. I think the Malinois is a German Shepherd/howler monkey hybrid. Such astonishing athleticism.

Heartbreaking moments Doberman Nickname FiFi no more with us

A story of Fifinator (Fifi)  with great sorrow and broken hearts, I come to all of you today to share the loss...

Is that your dog taking a ride sliding on snow like...

Dogs in the snow I don't know if there's anything better oh my gosh all my plates I don't make it back...

Incredible moment drowning dog rescued by young guys in peru

Moments of trapped dog in heavy flood and nearly drown in water. At the time four awesome young guys come and saved...

Smart cat surprised her owner by using the toilet like a...

Naturally, the litter boxes are too unpleasant and not cleaned for this smart cat named Ramen.

People buy dog masks for pets worried about corona virus

People buy dog masks for their pets amid worries about the corona virusSales of “dog masks” in...

Adorable miniature dachshund dog bite is worse than its bark

Adorable Dachshund DogDachshund became a sensation on Instagram thanks to a snack that makes him laugh all...